Buffer-Zone Bloggers is a weekend event taking place on Friday 29 and Saturday 30 April 2011, at CCMC, Ledra Palace, Nicosia, Cyprus. It is part of the DigiMe (Digital Media) Project implemented by the NGO Support Centre and the Cyprus Community Media Centre, with the support of the European Commission.

Initially, the project aims to provide the digital community of Cyprus (bloggers, journalists, photographers, film-makers, etc) with the opportunity to come in contact, exchange ideas, share experiences and get in touch with the radical changes taking place in the digital world. We are looking to understand how Social Media has changed the way we communicate, to the point of fuelling revolutions in some parts of the world, and learn how to better use these tools to better communicate our own personal message. An important part of the Buffer Zone Bloggers weekend agenda is also concentrating on issues of EU interest with emphasis on Poverty and Social Exclusion, Climate Action and Energy as well as the European Year of Volunteerism 2011 and how taking action towards associated goals can be influenced by Social Media.

The Buffer Zone Bloggers weekend will include:

■International and local bloggers and journalists sharing their experiences
■Discussions with Egyptian activists about the role of social media
■Workshops on blogging, social media, and video animation
■Documentary film screenings

No previous experience in Blogging or Social Media is necessary. Admission is free, but registration is essential. Please register here and visit http://www.digime.org.cy/en/ for more info.

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