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Volunteers Make The Difference

European Year of Volunteering 2011

European Year of Volunteering 2011

2011 is the European Year of Volunteering. It is the chance for the European Commission to celebrate the commitment of millions of European volunteer workers, but also to launch a challenge to the three-quarters of the European population who do not do any volunteering. We would like to say to them that they can also make a difference.”

The definition of a volunteer is a simple one: a person who performs a service willingly and without pay. The impact of volunteers on an individual, as well as on a communal level is far reaching, though. A quarter of Europeans donate their free time without any remuneration in order to support schools, hospitals, and sports clubs, environmental protection, provision of social services and helping people in other countries. Their efforts, combined with those of the many thousands of volunteering organisations spread throughout the continent, make a huge difference to all our lives in countless, often imperceptible, ways. They offer their communities that necessary human support, which institutions often fail to provide on account of their, often, amorphous, managerial nature. Volunteers, on the other hand, choose beyond personal detachment and put their free time and energy to the service of their fellow humans. The reward is an increase in the quality of life, for everyone involved.

And where there is personal involvement, there are extraordinary human stories. In fact, sharing in the humanity of others is often reason enough for volunteers to dedicate themselves to a purpose. The creative and constructive power unleashed through voluntary activities is indeed a remarkably transformative experience. The video below is the story of Demetra Socratus, a young volunteer in Cyprus, working with children through the Cyprus Youth Board. It is her touching first-hand account of her experience with the International Childrens Film Festival of Cyprus’ bicommunal project, “Cyprus Artefacts in Action.”


Buffer Zone Bloggers Website: http://www.digime.org.cy/en/

Buffer Zone Bloggers is delighted to announce the launch of the DigiMe project website featuring Buffer Zone Bloggers:


All information you might need on the Buffer Zone Bloggers weekend can be found on it, in English, Greek and Turkish; plus lots of interesting extras! Journalists’ resources are available under the section Press and Media / MME / Basın & Medya. In case more details are necessary, Sarah from Cyprus Community Media Centre and Stelios from NGO Support Centre will be happy to assist you respectively on sarah@cypruscommunitymedia.orgor stelios@ngo-sc.org.

Buffer Zone Bloggers Press Release

Buffer Zone Bloggers English Press Release

Buffer Zone Bloggers English Press Release

Buffer Zone Bloggers Δελτίο Τύπου

Buffer Zone Bloggers Greek Press Release

Buffer Zone Bloggers Greek Press Release

Buffer Zone Bloggers weekend 29 & 30 April 2011

Youthful, passionate, free voices and free spirits: these are the players in the social media revolution. If the description applies to you, then join us for the Buffer Zone Bloggers weekend.

The two day event includes:

  • International and local bloggers and journalists sharing their experiences
  • Discussions with Egyptian activists about the role of social media
  • Workshops on blogging, social media, and video animation
  • Documentary film screenings

Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or a beginner, there will be plenty to interest you!

Friday and Saturday 29-30 April 2011 at the Cyprus Community Media Centre, in Nicosia’s buffer zone, next to Ledra Palace. Free wi-fi will be available for all, so bring your laptop!

Admission is free, but registration is essential. Look out for more details on registration soon, or email sarah@cypruscommunitymedia.org

The revolution will be bloggerized?

The revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya marked a tremendus shift in, among other things, the way we perceive the role of social media.

Who would believe a few years ago that facebook, twitter and youtube would become powerful tools in the struggle for the protection of human rights, freedom of speech and social change? Very few people and certainly not their initial creators.

On Saturday, 30th of April, bloggers and journalists from Middle East will share their views and experiences with the digital community of Nicosia in a web meeting organised by the NGO Support Centre and the CCMC.

Where: CCMC, Nicosia Buffer Zone (next to Ledra Palace)

When: 30 April 2011