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Noha Atef on Skype call in Nicosia’s Buffer Zone

Noha Atef, courtesy of Noha Atef, under Creative Commons license

Guest post from attendee at BZB 30 April 2011:

I just heard a live web discussion with Noha Atef, journalist, activist and editor of http://www.tortureinegypt.net. Noha was incredibly inspiring, offering her perspective on the recent events in Egypt, with insight, charm, humour, and a searing intelligence. Noha spoke about the role of social media in the Egyptian revolution, and urged us not to switch off from the situation in Egypt, now that it has seemingly dropped off the news agenda. It’s been a great afternoon here in the buffer zone, but best of all has been hearing directly from people like Noha. Thank you Ms Atef.




Tahrir Square, Cairo, 2011

Egypt’s blogosphere and its role in the ‘leaderless revolution’

Just attended a live web interview with Egyptian blogger Adel Iskandar, who genuinely inspired attendees of BZB’s second day.

Wow. Amazing eloquence, compelling lucidity. The courage and integrity – and sense of humour – of a voice of Egypt’s “leaderless revolution” as he put it.

As well as offering a sobering insight and first-hand accounts of the cost of blogging in Egypt under Mubarak – not to mention its pivotal role in “breaking the wall of fear” that inspired the country’s recent uprising –  Iskandar was gracious enough to field questions from attendees.

Among the things we learned:

  • The likely difficulties in shifting the institutionalised sycophancy of traditional media, despite the sudden availability of more objective reportage. (Definitely not going to happen overnight.)
  • The breadth of the political and financial power of the country’s military – “the largest construction company in Egypt”
  • The possible influence of the Muslim Brotherhood beyond the upcoming polls and constitutional changes
  • The threat posed by the ‘blogging drain’ with the more prominent voices of Egypt’s blogosphere now being invited to travel the world, sharing their experiences…

Despite minor technical difficulties, the BZB web interview with Iskandar allowed us a human face in the midst of all the media verbiage about Egypt’s new political realities.

What a privilege to be reminded of the power of blogging and social media. How humbling to be reminded of the self-expression we take for granted.

Government of Turkey will choose which websites are allowed.

Guest post from attendee at BZB 30 April 2011:
Breaking News From Turkey:

According to Regulations about “Secure Usage of Internet in Turkey”, from beginning of 22th of August, every single internet user in Turkey is forced to choose a filter package,  which are “family pack”, “children pack”, “standard pack” and “only including TR pack”. All packages have different limitations and filters, and if you do not choose one of them, your access to internet is filtered with standard filter.

According to this “halal internet” plan, all the content is under control of the government and if this regulation is applied, only websites “verified” will be allowed to enter.

There won’t be a list of “denied websites”, but if the user tries to enter one of those sites, s/he will met the “this site is not allowed” message.

Before that regulation, such site censorships (like youtube, wordpress or blogspot) can be passed via DNS changes by users, illegally. With these new regulation, these changes are also strictly banned. Since IP addresses of the sites are also blocked,

“The allowed websites” will be identified by the government.

Pornographic content, Skype program and some left wing newspapers are on the ban list.

This ban will be applied after 22th of August.

Users are planning to make an anti-censor campaign.

A simple try for a short activist video in Cyprus!

350 Workers fired from the Cypriot Turkish Airlines in a strike. They were living in a simple tent for 138 days.

A worker is explaining the situation.

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