Daily Archives: April 26, 2011

Choco-Coat.com: App against Child Slavery

This Easter, Anti-Slavery International has launched Choco-Coat.com, a fun app which raises awareness on child slavery in Ivory Coast’s cocoa production, “Recommended by lying cocoa traders everywhere!”
Choco-coat it


Easter is gone, leaving behind it the sweet taste of chocolate eggs that bring a smile to children’s faces and turn adults into children. The sweetness of Easter eggs can have a very bitter aftertaste though, when we realize that more than 15,000 children are reduced to live and work as slaves in the 60,000 cocoa farms of the Ivory Coast, the world’s larger producer of cocoa, raw material for chocolate. With the biggest chocolate manufacturing companies turning a blind eye to the fact, the unwitting consumer has a right to be enraged that money spent to bring sweetness and pleasure to loved ones, also helps finance an industry which preys on the young. Continue reading