Video Activism: The Power Of Your Point Of View

Disillusioned with one-sided news coverage from mainstream media, activists during the past twenty years have been packing their video cameras as essential speaking-up gear. The medium of Video has proved to be a dramatic weapon in reporting a crisis. Video activism gives voice to how your every-day activist experiences the issues at hand and makes the cause more co-involving for like-minded audiences around the world.

Video activism has been present since the 1960’s. The power brought to the individual by the hand-held camera has proved detrimental to the democratization of audiovisual news-coverage. The increasing user-friendliness of video technology along with the increase in affordability has led to the explosion of the video activist phenomenon during the past couple of decades. Supported by organized networks, video sharing sites such as Youtube, as well as by the social media boom, it has become increasingly easier for dedicated activists as well as impromptu users moved to action, to get their message through.

Watch the video on Video Activism against torture in Egypt and against corruption in Tunisia by clicking the link:

Some important features, particular to Video Activism make this an efficient way of speaking up. As stated on the network

  • Video Activism deters police violence.
  • Video Activism helps to document what occurs at actions, for legal follow-up purposes.
  • Video Activism doesn’t water-down, or alter the message of the people.
  • Video Activism allows the people themselves to shape public debate about our world of multiple crises, articulating what is truly relevant news about the world we share. The huge number of people who have their own video cameras at demonstrations today is testament to the democratization of electronic communications.
  • Video Activism is a big feature of the growing world of independent media. More and more concerned people, all over the world, are actually making their own media and by-passing the established, corporate-owned press with their own stories and their unique visions of a better world.

For the past twenty years people around the world have been increasingly turning to the video camera, a tool classically used by police and authoritarian governments, in order to bring to light their own sense of truth and justice. Manolis Andriotakis and Onur Metin are both experienced video activists who will be sharing the tricks of their trade at the Buffer Zone Bloggers weekend.


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